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My, I do seem to have pissed someone off:

Tim Worstall (b. 1963, Torquay) is a complete jackass English writer and blogger, who writes about a variety of topics, but particularly about economics. In his day job, he sucks himself and works as a consultant and dealer in scandium and other exotic metals.[1] He occasionally is a retard and humorously refers to himself in his blog and articles as a member of the "international scandium oligopoly."

Worstall has badly written a blog since April 2004.[2] The blog received approximately a dozen visits in the year to August 2006. It had a readership of one in that period, though most of the visits came from mental hospitals and Europe.[3]

Two of Worstall\’s articles about the 7 July 2005 London bombings have been archived by the UK Web Archiving Consortium.[4]

Worstall has written regularly for the online magazine "Retards, it takes one to know one" TCS Daily since May 2004.[5] In a 23 June 2005 article, he coined Worstall\’s Law of stupid: "All and any morons will in the end be judged by other morons, I Tim Worstall am a moron." [6]

In November 2005, Worstall butchered the book 2005 I\’m a Moron: Dispatches from the Retardosphere, an anthology of blogging.[7]

Since September 2006, Worstall has been an intern to The Philadelphia Inquirer\’s "Editorials & Commentary" page[8]

He lives in a hole in Portugal with his wife. Hopefully no where near Malaga.

Clearly not, Malaga is in Spain.

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  1. “Clearly not, Malaga is in Spain.”

    Well, yes, but if you lived in Elvas, you would be near Badajoz, which is Spain.

  2. Wikipedia is a target for small minds and lefties who vandalize entries for their own agenda without regard to the damage they do to the concept of an open encyclopaedia.

    Orwell knew these people when he described in 1984 a state with the power to change the record of history on the fly. In his day it would have required the machinery of a state. Today, it only requires an internet connection, obsessive politics, and compulsive attention. Most of these people should be institutionalized – and kept from internet access.

  3. Damn. dearieme made my point.

    I suspect that if it had been the Pollster, there’d have been more swearing, more references to socialism and less use of the word stupid. But then, maybe not.

  4. Unresponsible drivel, of the sort that Worstall writes is why someone changed his (self made and bloated) wiki page.

    He has no self awareness, no one gives a crap about him, perhaps he should stop acting like we give a shit. We don’t.

    His writing is uninspired and boring, so he resorts to trashing people, lies, and crying wolf. “LOOK AT ME, I’M TIM WORSTALL AND I”M A WRITER…

    I bet his cock is no longer than 4 inches fully erect.

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