Will No One Rid Me of This Professor?

Julian Le Grand is at it again:

Supermarkets should be banned from selling alcohol to combat Britain\’s binge-drinking culture, says a health adviser to the Government.

Yes, really.

Professor Julian le Grand, the chairman of Health England, said customers should be made to make a conscious decision to buy drink by going into a different shop instead of being "lured" into buying alcohol during their weekly grocery shop.

He said alcohol had become "like adult candy", with customers seduced into buying cut-price drink on their way around the supermarket in the same way that sweets used to be placed near tills.

Prof le Grand said: "I am in favour of separate alcohol outlets. Certain states in the United States and certain provinces in Canada have separate stores. I would probably ban supermarkets from selling alcohol altogether."

We\’re all such children that we just don\’t know what it is that we\’re buying. What? You mean wine contains alcohol? Beer too? My word, I never knew that!

He also said there should be a "dramatic rise" in prices.

Yup, it\’s all too cheap for you grubby proles. How dare you do what you enjoy rather than what I tell you you should.

9 thoughts on “Will No One Rid Me of This Professor?”

  1. Le Grand is a loathsome creature with the most twisted logic. I once attended a seminar given by him at Bristol University’s School of Advanced Urban Studies where Le Grand had some sort of sinecure. The man possesses not an ounce of intellectual rigour and is merely obsessed with a political agenda that’s positively fascist… in a socially enlightened kind of way. Still, when you’re chairman of a Quango like Health England, you have to pop up now and again to justify your salary. How much does Le Grand get paid for these inane twitterings? Anyone care to “do the math”?

  2. They do this in Ontario. The Canadians, being a bit dopey, have two alcohol stores. One, called the Beer Store, sells beer. The other, called the LCBO, sells wine and spirits. They are Government run, expensive, and inconvenient. The informal motto of the LCBO is “if we don’t got it, you can’t have it”. If you want a nice Barolo or a Sancerre, and the Government buyer didn’t like it, tough.

    In Ontario you also need a licence to serve alcohol at a party or wedding reception. The licences are expensive and inconvenient to obtain, require the involvement of the police.

    In Ontario, you can’t drink in public, not even in a picnic in a park. It is widely enforced by the public in a Stasi-like “shop your neighbour” way. Sipping a chilled Chablis on the gingham blanket is a no-no.

    Ontario is run by Liberals (bzzzzt, contraindicatory word alert). Has been for decades. It’s like Britain after twenty years of New Labour.

  3. It was this kind of thinking that turned into the policy of sterilising mental defectives for the good of the nation, and is the thin edge of totalitarianism. Typical of concerned lefties who think they know what’s best for the rest of us. Britain is a nation of drunks, but at least we’re mostly free. I am a lefty by temperament, but I also believe in free choice.

  4. Doesn’t work. I’m from (Aus) ‘straya and very few supermarkets sell alcohol – at least not in the same room as all the groceries etc. – usually it’s a separate store nearby. But we still seem to have people who enjoy the odd drink or four ( = a metric binge). Funny thing though is I live in Switzerland now where alcohol is available at most supermarkets, kiosks etc and there’s still not that much public drunkeness around…and the cars drive on the right! Its’s like crazy reverse backwards universe.

  5. “Funny thing though is I live in Switzerland now where alcohol is available at most supermarkets, kiosks etc and there’s still not that much public drunkeness around”

    Probably because people know they will get punished if they get drunk in public and become a nuisance. It’s a novel approach to alcohol, I know, but it might catch on.

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