Working Mothers

Millions of highly-qualified women see their careers collapse once they have children because employers will not let them work flexibly or part-time, a new study claims.

One in four professional women leaves her job after starting a family, with almost half having to move into jobs where the average employee lacks even A-levels, it says.

The research underlines how mothers of young children fall off the career ladder, experiencing a dramatic loss of status and pay. The situation has the effect of wasting the talents of Britain\’s most highly qualified women.

I skipped through this full report and I had trouble understanding the point that was being made. Or, rather, the possible solution.

Women managers are among the worst affected. One in three corporate managers moves down the occupational ladder and almost half of those who manage shops, salons and restaurants return to lesser positions.

How can these jobs be done part time?

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  1. Letters From A Tory

    It’s just ridiculous to suggest that every woman should be allowed to do any job part-time or flexitime. Many businesses would collapse under these circumstances and introducing a law that demands employers hand out flexible working hours to anyone that wants them could be disastrous.

    Employers should be as flexible as possible, but within reason. Businesses still have to be run properly.

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