You Tell It Cous\’

Although Dustin, who claims that by day he is a builder, will delight hordes of fans if he goes on to become Ireland’s eighth Eurovision winner, some of the nation’s higher-minded musicians have suffered a sense of humour failure over his candidature. Frank McNamara, who wrote two Eurovision winners, asked whether RTE, the state broadcaster that selected the six acts, was “giving two fingers” to Irish songwriters. “I think it is absolutely disgraceful,” he said.

Shay Healy, who wrote Johnny Logan’s Eurovision hit What’s Another Year?, wondered “how any bunch of grown-ups could come up with this as a solution”. And Phil Coulter thought that Eurovision was going “down the tubes”.

Since 1967 actually: Puppet on a String was pretty good, the rot set in with Congratulations the next year. Both, of course, written by Phil Coulter.

Remarkable Worstall fact of the day is that he\’s sort of a cousin. I\’m not sure if I\’ve got this right or not: step-son of a great aunt perhaps?


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  1. “Ooh-aah, just a little bit” by Australian doctor Gina G is a brilliant record.

    As is “A little peace” by Nicole, complete with pointless truck driver’s gear change.

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