Whatever this browser is doing(this is a post from the laptop) it insists on zooming in and out and it will not show me the url line.

Sigh, money wasted once again. The hardware seems fine.

Bleedin awful software.

Update. On reflection that\’s all a bit harsh. There may or may not be anything wrong with the software: the problem is that it\’s different. I don\’t find it easy or simple to work out what software does….and the use of symbols rather than words confuses me even further. So whatever I\’ve invested in trying to understand the current software I use (eg Firefox, Windoze) is now worthless, and I\’ve got to start all over again.

Which is, I think, an investment I\’m not prepared to make. Maybe.

All of which rather goes to show why Bill Gates is as rich as he is, doesn\’t it?

3 thoughts on “Yup”

  1. “The hardware seems fine. Bleedin awful software.”

    Now isn’t that just the motto of the 21st Century? Applied to just about everything: PCs, digital TVs, 777 jet airliners..

  2. The fuckwits who are behind this project are sufficiently economically illiterate to be unaware that the solution to the problem of providing every child with a laptop is not to make laptops cheaper but to make children wealthier.

    Having said that, is the OS in firmware? If not, expect to see substantially better versions arising spontaneously.

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