6 comments on “Hmmm

  1. You’ve been relaxing in kinder climes too long (can you hear my envy?). The story has been regurgitated in many forms to suit the nationality of the teller or the listener. Usually seen as the Canadians getting one over on US Navy.

  2. Golly, you’ll be telling us next about some demented Arab cutting the head off his nephew in a supermarket. Get a grip.

  3. “I would classify it in the too good to be true slot myself”

    I suspect it is too good to be true Timmy, but on the other hand I see no need for you to slot yourself.

  4. US Navy: XO, do these sorry f***s have a Navy?
    XO: Nope.
    US Navy: Blow them off the face of the planet, then.

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