2 comments on “How True

  1. Hillary wants us to believe the marriage was so close that Bill involved her closely in his thinking and decisions, and perhaps involved her directly in his presidential activities (e.g. negotiations, meetings etc).

    Did he involve her that closely? Did she do more than just sip tea with Norma Major.

    The Clintons have gone to lengths to keep details of their marriage private (particularly as it was during Bill’s presidency). Fair enough.

    However, stuff came out during those years which suggests to naïve bunnies like me that it perhaps wasn’t the closest marriage that has ever graced the planet.

    He was a candidate for the old joke about whether he talks to his wife during sex. ‘Only if there is a phone handy’.

    If Hillary wants Americans to vote on the basis of the closeness of that marriage, shouldn’t she be telling us what happened? And no bullshit please because it will come back to bite.

    I for one will be gripped.

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