Dah de dah dah dee dah,

Dah de dah dah de dah,

Dah de dah dah dear Timmy,

Dah de dah dah de dah.

Right, celebrations over. Back on your heads everyone.

12 thoughts on “*”

  1. I thought you had got Sarkozy fever too for a moment. I hummed along to La Marseillaise… but then the word ‘Timmy’ got in the way.

    Have a nice one, Tim.

  2. I tried to make it fit the Archers tune. That was obviously wrong as there aren’t any “dum”s in it.

    I wonder what that says about any of us.

  3. Many happy returns of the day Timmy. I want you to have a drink on me, so there’s a tea bag in the post for you.

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