And The Problem Is?

In other words, the big retailers have used the latest headline stories on food price inflation to jack up their profits on pork, without passing any of the gravy down the chain to the wretched farmers.

Instead, they chose the moment to bury stakes into the barely palpitating breasts of the only people that stood between themselves and cheap imports.

Cheap imports are good, cheap imports are what we want.

Sure, domestic producers don\’t like them very much but there\’s what, a few thousand of them? As against 60 million consumers?

3 thoughts on “And The Problem Is?”

  1. Should the last word of that be ‘consumers’? Don’t you have editors?

    Tim adds: Clearly not….well, actually, yes, they’re called readers.

  2. Where this falls down is animal welfare.

    Politicos forced higher welfare standards on domestic producers (ahh, look at the little piglet). Producers warned at the time it would lead to the end of British pig farming. Looks like they are right.

    I wonder what the Danes are doing? (who are the only other producers in the EU with similarly high standards).

  3. Those British producers who make a selling point of their animal welfare standards are doing OK among consumers who care about such stuff. Those who don’t make a point of it should be doing so, information being a requirement of a perfect market.

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