Anyone Know Anything About Cars?

Looking to buy a car, LHD, naturally.

This looks very cheap

1992 JAGUAR XJS 5.3 V12 HE Sports Price: £4,500 2 Doors, Automatic, Coupe, Petrol, 22,000 miles, MOT-02-2009. Climate Control, KEYLESS ENTRY, LHD, Air conditioning, Alloy wheels, Anti theft system, Computer, Leather upholstery. Totally original, only 22k miles, FSH, NO RUST whatsoever, as new probably best remaining XJS, LHD,

Anyone got any thoughts as to that price? Is it high insurance rates in the UK? High taxes? Or was the car simply a lemon in the first place (as, for some years, Jags were).

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  1. 22k miles on a car that age isn’t good news. A man who sings that song consistently is “Honest John” of the Telegraph: you might care to check his website.

  2. Ma Car Done Break Down Blues:-

    Ah wake up in de mornin’
    Only 22k on de clock
    Ah wake up in de mornin’
    Only 22k on de clock
    De car done break down again
    Ah says “Away to Fock”

  3. Check that previous owners don’t include John Prescott (driver’s seat springs worn out) or Menzies Campbell (never been driven faster than 20mph).

  4. The Englishman is right about Jag ownership. I have one and they are great.

    Having said that, my boss has an XJS and it seems to spend more time in dock than on the road. I would make sure you have a local “man that can” if you buy it because dealers are very expensive, its akin to licensed banditry.

    Tim adds: My local man that can lives three houses down. And he makes house visits with his van full of tricks. Charges €100 a day labour rate which is, I think you’ll agree, a very decent thing of him to do.

  5. “A friend of mine had an XJS and didn’t rate it too well on reliability, build or much else.”

    Hate to be shallow, but what about looks…? I’d buy it for that alone.

    Actually, my last car was a ’89 Jag Sovereign 3.6 – beautiful car, superb to drive.I wanted an XJS, but the odd dashboard threw me a little…

    ‘Keyless entry’? – that’s not a factory fit, surely..?

  6. “‘Keyless entry’? – that’s not a factory fit, surely..?”

    I had a Vauxhall Nova once with keyless entry. Just a screwdriver and the thieving scumbags had away with the radio.

    And it was a rubbish radio too.

  7. That’s improbably low mileage for any ’92 car, and an improbably low price for that one. If it looks too good to be true…

  8. ’92 XJS at 4,500 GBP sounds too little, but then the XJS was a notoriously unreliable beast. Pretty to look at, sure, but that 5.3 12 was cumbersome, thirsty and not overly spectacular off the mark. Long legs for a tourer though. Keyless was NOT a factory option in 1992. Also, 22 k miles in 16 years is suspiciously low. Better off going a 98 or 99 XK8 (either hard or rag top) which are in good condition and VERY pretty (and Ford V8 reliable) for about 16 grand.

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    “Or was the car simply a lemon in the first place (as, for some years, Jags were).”

    It may also depend on how squeamish you are. It is not entirely unknown for cars to come on the market because their former owners splattered their brains across the front dash. Oddly enough those cars tend to be cheap. I’d rate the XJS as being quite likely to be in this category – rich middle aged men driving too fast after a few drinks down country roads?

    You should ask how “totally original” it is and whether and bits had to be bent back into the right shape etc etc. Cars that have been in bad accidents tend to lose some structural integrity.

  10. Always be suspicious of used cars with low mileage. A 1992 luxury sports car with only 22,000 miles would be a rare find indeed. If an odometer is opened, it can be turned back. To turn back a factory odometer, some of the parts must be broken. The broken parts can be replaced with new parts made in a machine shop.

  11. My father finally junked his Mondeo Jag when the transmission tanked after 35K. Nothing but trouble. Mind you, the price is probably a reflection of Darling’s new road tax regime. Nobody wants to buy anything other than a Citroen C1 or a Toyota Aygo because of the low tax. Mind you, if we all buy these bubble cars, the government will simply put the tax up to whatever it needs. I hate these conniving bastards.

  12. Why is the price so low?

    1) a major major gas guzzler
    2) from a time when Jaguars were very badly built
    3) strange spec – lhd, keyless entry, etc probably leading to even more grotesque maintenance costs
    4) very low mileage means either spent most of its life broken down, or been clocked, or just underused. All very bad news whichever is true.

    To summarise – run, don’t walk, as far away as you possibly can. Then go and lie down in a dark room until the feeling passes.

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