Arthur C Clarke

Has died.

If you\’ve not read any of his stuff, leave aside the sci-fi and try out "Tales From The White Hart". A lovely collection of tall tales and shaggy dog stories.

6 thoughts on “Arthur C Clarke”

  1. ‘Tales from the White Hart’ showed Clarke to be the best kind of intellectual – forever name-checking his heroes.

  2. For more insight into Clarke’s life read “Glide Path”, a lightly fictionalized memoir of his involvement in the development of the GCA aircraft landing system during WWII.

  3. Less rounded as a writer than Asimov, some of the books tended to be repetitive. But I was introduced to sci-fi by Clarke. I spent a gripping Christmas Day reading 2001, consciously hoping that nobody would disturb me.
    The film 2001 is on my shelf now, and I still watch it from time to time.

  4. Tim,

    Incidentally, if I were you I would re-read ‘The Man Who Ploughed The Sea’.

    Might be helpful in the day job.

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