Aww, Bless

Children should be banned from leaving school at lunchtime so they cannot gorge themselves on junk food, a Government body says today.

Restrictions should also be placed on the opening of new burger bars, kebab shops, chip shops and sweet shops near schools to remove temptation from pupils, it is claimed.

It\’s for the children, of course, not the joy of bansturbation.

8 thoughts on “Aww, Bless”

  1. And it’s against the law.

    You can only stop pupils leaving the site if they are going to be at serious risk (either very young or significant Special Needs). It is a ban with no sanction.

  2. A suggestion for policy that has no hope of seeing daylight, and no chance of being effectively implimented. Are we getting one of these a day now, or does it just seem like it..?

    And who pays for the School Food Trust?

    Ah, I see from the article it’s ‘Government-funded’.

    So we are!

  3. Children like high-fat and sugary foods and I’m appalled that business that sell such foods would operate near children. This has opened my eyes to other injustices like broadcasting television shows on televisions, locating football games within football stadiums, and making fast food too fast.

    I’m headed out for some chips…

  4. Will they be disalowed from going home at the end of the day if they mention they are having burgers’n’chips for tea?

  5. i’m i young adult studdying at Mortimer Wilson School in Derbyshire , my school only lets year 11 out at lunch time . most people at my school do NOT eat at school because the school dinners are discusting ,YES we do have a verity of choices but salads sadwitch speggetti is all i seem to be seeing we only have chips on a friday and by the time people get there they are all gone so whats the problem with kids my age (16) going out at lunch to get food that will give us energy for our lessons well i don’t see no problem

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