Both True and Irrelevant

MPs were under huge pressure to support a referendum on the new EU treaty after the biggest test of public opinion on the issue so far showed almost 90 per cent of voters want a ballot.

That the turnout was higher than most local elections, that the vast majority wanted a referendum, and that a similarly large majority would vote no in such, makes no difference.

What, you think this Europe thing is driven by the will of the people?

5 thoughts on “Both True and Irrelevant”

  1. There’s no evidence that there would be similarly large majority in a real ballot. This is not an unbiased sample -those who were anti the treaty were much more likely to vote in this bizarre stunt and for a referendum.

  2. What you are saying, Matthew, is that those who really give a shit about this issue were the ones who voted.

    And this differs from a real referendum… how?


  3. “There’s no evidence that there would be similarly large majority in a real ballot.”

    There is only one way to get that evidence isn’t there? So presumably you too would like a proper, binding referendum to get the answer, one way or the other?

  4. Matthew,

    I bet you 1 million pounds that if there were a referendum the NO vote would win EASILY.

    Not that our lords and masters would ever allow such a thing so I guess your pension pot is safe!


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