Bulgarian Ski Vacations II

Further news from the Bulgarian Ski Vacation (a phrase which Mr. E has suggested should replace "Ugandan Discussions").


Nasty little fracture as a result of an intimate encounter with a snow boarder.

Certain activities were therefore, as one might assume, thus off the menu. It was thus an unsuspecting 22 year old that got corrupted.

So a Bulgarian Ski Vacation is thus the transporting across international boundaries of a woman for immoral (if most enjoyable) purposes but which results in nothing, not even a hand ***.

Congratulations mate, hope the credit card recovers soon.

3 thoughts on “Bulgarian Ski Vacations II”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I am not sure what “Bulgarian” practices are being referred to here, but I notice that the shattered wrist is the Left one. Therefore for 90 percent of the population a Hand *** (whatever that is! Because I am so clean living I don’t have a clue) would still be possible. The heavy use of pain killers might, I hesitate to suggest, make it (or something even better) even more likely. Not that we ought to encourage that sort of thing – but is it spiking when she does it herself?

    If, however, the lady in question is left handed, well, all I can do is praise the gentleman in question for his taste (Marilyn Monroe, Olivia De Havilland et al being of the south paw persuasion) and express sorrow at the turn of fortune.

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