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Explanation in first comment here.

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  1. Hey, Joe Morello, the finest drummer I ever saw (at a drum clinic in… wait for it…. Ceasar’s Palace… Luton). If you can get hold of either Jazz Impressions of New York, or Jazz Impressions of Japan by Brubeck, they are pure magic.

  2. Bob chimes in for Dave Brubeck.
    I like knackwurst.
    We found our blogger.
    One of just has to write a book about this experience. A picture book would be best.

    Tim adds: 🙂

  3. Carmen McCrae did some nice recordings with Brubeck: Take Five, Raggy Waltz,….

    And Luton phooey: I heard her in a low dive in SF in ’66.

  4. Tim, nice. this was already on my “favorites ” from YouTube as is “Blue Rondo A L a Turk”. Desmond is insanely good.
    Bob-watch for those old LP’s on EBay.

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