Empty Calories

"They get fully hooked, it is an extremely noxious thing. It is more common with bulimia than anorexia but you get the combination of empty calories with no nutritional value and the risky behaviour that goes with being drunk."

This is something that rather annoys me, this mantra of "empty calories".

Yes, I know what is meant, there\’s no vitamins there, nothing beyond simply the calories themselves.

But going from there to "no nutritional value" is near insane. Of course they have nutritional value: they\’re calories!

3 thoughts on “Empty Calories”

  1. And there are vitamins in my margharitas or cosmopolitans – if I’ve made them properly. Was stout not often prescribed, in days more sensible and less NICE, for iron deficiency?

    I’ll give them calories only for industrial lager but I would expect that wine would still contain useful trace elements if not actual vitamins – never mind the dispute about whether it has a beneficial effect of its own (anti-oxidant?)

  2. “They said the habit, widespread in America, is becoming more common in Britain.”

    Tha’s odd, because I’m in the USA and I have never, ever heard of this practice.

    (Googles frantically)

    Ah, yes, here we are – bog-standard scare stories in The New York Times and various left Coast newspapers.

    Note to the “experts’ quoted in this story – just because something is described as being ‘widespread’ in The New York Times, does not mean that it is ‘widespread in America’. In fact, I would guess that being described as a social trend in the NYT is a virtual guarantee that it is not taking place to any extent in any other part of the nation.



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