Even the TUC Now Gets It

Lookie here:

The difference between men\’s and women\’s pay more than trebles when women reach their 30s, TUC research revealed today. It found women leaving school at 16 and going into a full-time job earn 9.7% more than their male contemporaries. But from the age of 18 – and throughout the rest of their working lives – they earn less than men.

In their 20s, the pay gap for full-timers is a modest 3.3%, but in their 30s women take home 11.2% less than the men. And in their 40s – the peak age for discrimination – the gap rises to 22.8%. The TUC said the undervaluing of women in the workplace was partly due to a "motherhood penalty".

Hurrah! Hurrah! People, yes, even the TUC, aregetting te point that we don\’t have a gender pay gap, we have a child care or motherhood pay gap. Only once the correct cause of a perceived problem is identified can we start to craft policies to solve said perceived problem. Or decide not to solve it, as the case may be.

The long hours and intensity of senior positions deterred mothers from seeking promotions for which they were qualified.

Erm, that is, mothers were not qualified for such positions because they don\’t in fact want to do them might b a better way of putting that.

The hourly earnings of women working part-time were 23.4% less than the male rate in their 20s, 41.2% in their 40s.

No, not true, that\’s the old lie once again. Here are the correct figures.

But we are at least moving in the right direction. Now that we\’re getting the causes of the gender pay gap correctly identified, it\’s children, then we can do two things. First, decide whether this is something we want to do anything about and second, decide what.


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  1. Earth to bureaucrats:

    If I’m paying someone big bucks to run a business, they’d better f***ing run the business. If they’d sooner spend their time with their dear little sprogs, that’s fine. They can collect their cards at the door.

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