Excellent Question of the Day

Shtupping the secretary was no barrier to Paddy Ashdown becoming de facto ruler of Bosnia and now Afghanistan; a similar offence cost John Prescott little more than widespread ribaldry about cocktail sausages.

Steve ‘Shagger’ Norris and ‘Bonking’ Boris Johnson – hey, just what is it about Tory London mayor wannabes? – content themselves with knocking off political journos, councillors and local party activists.

In an era when it is possible to be president of France and still get off with a supermodel, just why do our leaders set their sights so low?

4 thoughts on “Excellent Question of the Day”

  1. Why weaken an arguement with the risible “Now he is out of a job at which he was, by all accounts, rather good”? His competence or incompetence has no bearing on the argument being advanced, and, of course, there are plenty of people who argue that he was horribly bad at his job.

  2. The fuss over Bruni is so out of proportion.

    The woman is a 41 year old single mother whose modelling career ended almost 20 years ago. She certainly was never was in the league of the original supermodels of Crawford, Campbell or Schiffer and shagging her is hardly the equivalent of bagging Natalia Vodianova or Agyness Deyn or even the increasingly withered Moss.

    Even Cecilia Sarkozy looked less weather-beaten.

  3. And he isn’t being forced to resign so much for the sex (though that did leave him open to blackmail) as for the distinctly fishy financial irregularities.

  4. Are not most powerful / influential men rather prone to womanising?
    Is this a bad this in their case.

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