Extremely Lazy Blogging Method

Mindbogglingly lazy in fact.

Note that a competitor in American Idol has some news about him.

Plug name into Google Alerts.

Receive email from said alerts service.

Cut and paste email into blog.

Get 350 hits via Google on said blog post in 6 hours.

Any way of automating this?

3 thoughts on “Extremely Lazy Blogging Method”

  1. Not that I could find when I used to do that with an industry blog a few years ago. Google adsense used to pay very well – $591.28 for Jan 2004 – but earning declined quite quickly and it became more trouble than it was worth….

  2. Tim, you should be looking for ways to increase the quality of your content, not dilute the quality.

    Do your own research and write your own content, then you can maintain your own strong flavour and aspire to high quality unique content, which is the goldstandard of all media.

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