Fra Matthew Festing

The Knights of Malta have just chosen another Englishman to succeed Fra. Andrew Bertie as Grand Master.

As I\’ve said before, Bertie was at Worth when I ws in the prep school there. Used to walk down to breakfast from his lodgings past the dorms, singing th Lord\’s Prayer in Arabic: always, but always, five minutes before the bell went. A wake up call if you like.

So that\’s two in a row from Ampleforth, one of them also had that connection to Worth.

Hmm, Downside next time around?

4 thoughts on “Fra Matthew Festing”

  1. “singing th Lord’s Prayer in Arabic”

    How do you know? Or was that just what he told you he was doing?

    Tim adds: Well, that’s what others told me he was doing.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Apparently it is all a Zionist Freemason plot! Just ask al-Jazeera.

    So clearly Downside is out of the Inner Circle of Illuminati and so will never produce a leader of the Knights of Malta.

  3. Adrian de Redman

    English Grand Masters are like busses, you wait 900 years for one and two come along together.
    Fra Matthew is a riot! I saw hin in Lourdes during the Order’s annual pilgrimage. His speech was funny and, I am told, pure “Matthew”. He dressed as a brancardier and moved around without fuss and, when I saw him, only one man in attendance.

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