Glorious Green Energy!


A German town is subsiding after authorities drilled underground to harness "green" energy.

Staufen, in the Black Forest, was proud of its innovative geothermal power plan that was supposed to provide environmentally-friendly heating.

But only two weeks after contractors drilled down 460ft to extract heat, large cracks have appeared in buildings as the town centre has subsided about a third of an inch (8mm).

Perhaps the drilling made Gaia itch?

3 thoughts on “Glorious Green Energy!”

  1. “Perhaps the drilling made Gaia itch?”

    Quick, call the Independent’s news desk: a sure-fire exclusive story there.

  2. Tee Hee,
    It’s the large scale equivalent of sawing through the tree branch you are sitting on.

    But come on folks, they could still win. They could cite the fact that the thermal energy is 460 feet underground, and then pretend that it was always their intention to dop the whole town down a 460 foot hole to get to it. This isn’t a bug, it’s a feature.

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