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Hmmm. It\’s happened again.

Over at the other blog, had a piece insanely successful, about a certain Ms. Ashley Alexandra Dupree. It\’s not all that fascinating, being simply a link to a number of news stories. But it was a first page Google result for the search term and was bringing in the traffic (some 15 k page views yesterday).

Today it\’s not even in the Google index. But I think it probably will be again tomorrow.

What I think is happening is that Typepad isn\’t serving up the page fast enough when the Google Bot comes crawling by. If a page is getting a lot of traffic (as this one was) that is.

Anyone got any other explanations?

3 thoughts on “Google Indexing”

  1. I doubt it. I know you’ve got a lot of traffic, but I doubt that Typepad allocate speed to individual users.

    The weird thing is that according to the Google Webmaster Tools that tell you when your site was indexed, it says it was last retrieved on the 10th March, 3 days before the article.

    (you can go to

    If you set up a metatag or some html on the site, you can then monitor through those tools what is being retrieved by Google, if you want to (assuming that typepad allows that).

  2. What were the Google adverts at the time of looking – maybe they just wanted to generate extra income on the back of this story, you cannot compete with good ol’ sex and politics, Tim.

  3. Googlebot is tens of thousands of computers.

    It’s not that it is or isn’t in the index, it’s that it is is in some of them, and not in others. It will work it’s way across over a period of time.

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