Gotty Again

Richard Gott.

Killing mass murdering guerillas who do a bit of coke trading, protection rackets and kidnappings on the side. It\’s not on you know, really, it\’s not on.

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  1. “Land in Colombia devoted to growing cannabis, coca and poppies has grown fivefold since the 1960s, and the Farc has long provided protection to the rural workers on these plantations”

    Presumably FARC are some kind of agricultural workers Trade Union ore something.

  2. Apparently not the Stasi:

    “For Richard Gott was outed by Oleg Gordievsky as a Soviet agent in the pay of the KGB.”

    OTOH Oleg Gordievsky’s credentials are impressive:

    “Oleg Antonovich Gordievsky, CMG (born 10 October 1938 in Moscow, Russia), was a Colonel of the KGB and KGB Resident-designate (rezident) and bureau chief in London, who defected to the United Kingdom. He became the highest-ranking KGB defector. . . ”

    Various reports have suggested that it was Sir John Scarlett, now head of MI6, who organised Oleg Gordievsky’s escape out of Moscow in 1985. Gordievsky was under KGB survelliance at the time and John Scarlett was then MI6 station chief in Moscow.

    By repute, the KGB – and now the FSB – regard MI6 as one of the most competent of western intelligence agencies.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Naturally the Guardian keeps employing him.


    At least it is not as bad as Oxford which employs someone wanted for Crimes Against Humanity in Poland. Ahhh, but of course said crimes were not committed before 1945. Makes a difference apparently.

  4. We shouldn’t overlook the further contribution that Vasili Mitrokhin (ex-KGB archivist) made to promoting Anglo-Soviet understanding:

    The Mitrokhin archives with the opening up of the Stasi files after German reunification did much to out other active KGB and Stasi agents in Britain – see: “‘I regret nothing,’ says Stasi spy”:

    Another fascinating insight from Google digging, is that retiring President Putin of Russia was based in East Germany 1985-90 as a KGB liaison officer with the Stasi.

    Presumably, he was therefore placed to see the incoming intelligence gathered by the Stasi from Vic Allen about promising Labour politicians active then in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND). A prominent item in the Labour manifesto for the 1983 election was a commitment to unilateral nuclear disarmament. Tony Blair was first elected to Parliament in 1983 on that manifesto.

  5. Btw, I almost forgot: from this, it seems that Tony Blair was once something of an admiring fan of Karl Marx:

    “Tony Blair’s youthful enthusiasm for radical socialism and his admiration for socialist theorist Karl Marx are revealed in letter written in 1982.

    “In the 22-page letter, the 29-year-old Mr Blair tells then Labour leader Michael Foot how reading Marx had ‘irreversibly altered’ his outlook.

    “He also praises Tony Benn, agreeing with the left-winger’s analysis that Labour’s right-wing was bankrupt.”

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