How to Get a High Traffic Blog

Ashley Youmans\’ website address was receiving about 1m page impressions an hour yesterday morning,

Charge the Governor of New York for sex, obviously.

A properly monetized web page should get somewhere north of $10 per CPM so being found out is more profitable per hour than doing the deed as well.

2 thoughts on “How to Get a High Traffic Blog”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Hmmm. Millions of dollars in revenue. Sex with Spitzer. Millions of dollars. But sex with Spitzer.

    Naaah, not worth it really.

    I am still curious as to know what he was being charged so much for. Silence? I think not.

  2. I’m pretty shameless when it comes to encouraging traffic, but even I draw the line at bonking politicians.

    Which considering I’m straight is probably a good thing – knowing my luck I’d end up with Hilary Clinton.

    Oh s**t! That’s a mental image that’s going to prevent a decent night’s sleep if ever there was one.

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