In Which I Agree With Karl Marx

Bit of a shocker, I know, but this from the old boy I agree with absolutely:

Economy of time, to this all economy ultimately reduces itself.

Right, so that\’s the Slow Food movement, growing your own veg and recycling, along with anything else which refuses to consider the value of your time, dealt with.

7 thoughts on “In Which I Agree With Karl Marx”

  1. Yeah. I read a great quote somewhere recently that said “recycling is the philosophy that everything is worth saving except time”.

    Tim adds: Erm, that might have been me, I’m prone to using it (although I’m not the originator).

  2. “Time” is not something real and physical but merely the substrate enabling the differentiation between “cause” and “effect,” between “desire” and “desire-realization”; it has no demonstrable existence apart from recognition of limited knowledge and of non-omnipotence.

    Time is certainly not an economic good; it can be neither bought nor sold and is certainly not an explanation for the phenomenon of “interest.” Quite the other way ’round, it is our behavioral recognition–the phenomenon of interest–to which we must look for an origin of the “time” concept.

    Puff on that awhile, m*****fu**ers! Better and cheaper than a joint.

  3. “The cost of a thing is the amount of what I call life which is required to be exchanged for it, immediately or in the long run.” Henry David Thoreau – in Walden, ironically, i.e. the original ‘eco’ bible.

    But of course; when the time exchanged is a form of religious devotion, as in re-cycling, then the more ‘life’ consumed by the activity, the greater is the publicly-perceived and privately-experienced moral goodness of the devotee.

  4. No, no, you’ve got it wrong again.

    My time when I am not at work is worth nothing. Nobody is going to pay me if I don’t spend the time sorting the rubbish. It makes no difference at all.

    It may make a difference to you, being self-employed and all, but to me, and most people, spare time is not worth money.

    I still think most state-enforced recycling is a stupid waste of resources, but to calculate the value of (most peoples’) time is simply absurd.

  5. Hehehe I’m sure anyone disagreeing with this is a mere youth who hasn’t thought about it hard enough! ;D


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