Interesting Point

So, the Speaker insisting that the housing expenses cannot be revealed because to do so would reveal the address of the MP:

General election ballot papers carry a home address for every candidate.

So, to be umm, charitable, that\’s not a very strong argument is it?

4 thoughts on “Interesting Point”

  1. There are increasing rumours that there’s something hidden in Gordon’s expense claims that make him another Conway. If that’s true, then these shenanigans are entirely logical, preserving a Gordon administration for a few more months.

    Tim adds: So, let me speculate wildly. Gordon owned a flat which he transferred to Sarah after the marriage. That flat is (I really don’t know whether it’s rented out or not) in her name then for either income or CGT reasons. He’s also got the constituency house plus of course Downing Street. So, umm, what if he’s been claiming the second home allowance and allocating it to Sarah’s flat? Wouldn’t that be interesting?

  2. So redact that bit before release. Seriously, this is supposed to be an argument in favour of non-release..?

    They are idiots.

  3. “General election ballot papers carry a home address for every candidate.”

    Ah, but they’ve all got so many houses it would take you years to track down an MP…

  4. It’s a poor state of affairs when our senior politicians don’t even follow the golden rule of lying. Did the speaker really assume we wouldn’t notice that MPs addresses must be in the public domain?

    Or was that just a stalling tactic while they scramble to cover up something much worse?

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