And while we may have a good road safety record in comparison to other European countries, I suspect this is because there are so many skilled drivers out there, compensating for the wilful blunders of the lunatic fringe. Every day, hundreds of accidents are averted by the sharp responses of careful, alert drivers; the unsung guardians of our national road network. Yet despite their good efforts, the carnage goes on.

This is hardly Clarkson\’s fault, but there is a difficulty about Top Gear that cannot be denied. Its core audience is exactly the kind of young male drivers who are statistically likely to cause most serious accidents, which makes the programme\’s celebration of speed for speed\’s sake particularly uncomfortable.

Top Gear\’s naughty because it encourages the lunatic fringe, while the country that watches Top Gear has a good safety record as opposed to those that don\’t?

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  1. It’s a curious argument.

    If the comparative safety of the UK isn’t due to less lunatics but to plenty of skilled drivers avoiding the lunatics, then perhaps we ought to look for environmental factors that encourage people to become skilled drivers. Perhaps it might be exposure to certain TV shows.

  2. I can’t work up any outrage over road safety when the people doing the pissing and whining about Clarkson hardly murmur when we discover that the NHS is killing the same number of people through C. Difficile infections in unsanitary hospitals (not to even mention those killed by MRSA and other infections).

  3. Lets be honest, most non labour voters are probably quite capable of talking on the phone and driving at the same time. There I said it, not PC I know but fuck them it’s true. Personally I can drive and talk on the phone, or talk to the person in the passenger seat, or smoke, whatever. The only time I had an accident that was my fault I was getting a pie out of the glove box. So ban pies. Or labour voters from driving.

  4. “And while we may have a good road safety record in comparison to other European countries”


    Try driving in France, Spain, Greece!

    But to Canada where I now live – you cannot smoke in your car while children present in Nova Scotia – but you can use your mobile phone.

    Odd init?

  5. Is it just possible that people interested in cars and driving learn better skills than those merely doing the minimum? If so then its the sort of people who would watch top gear who become the skilled drivers (albeit after a year or so making mistakes driving too close to their limits) that make our roads safer- and the ones who just learn enough to pass the test don’t develop at all.
    By the way, pre-mobile phone wasn’t it the police who most regularly talked on a radio whilst driving- were they the best drivers or should they have been banned?

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