The energy spokesman for the European Commission takes to The Guardian today.

The commission strongly disagrees with the assumption that the overall environmental effect of existing biofuel policy is negative.

Then the Commission is composed of either idiots or liars.

Try this Royal Society report. Or even this Tim Worstall article.

How did we end up being ruled by such ignorant scumbags?

2 thoughts on “Lying Bastards”

  1. From a CO2-e perspective, the RS report does not conclude that biofuels emit more CO2 than they save (it said, as all scientific reports do, “more study is necessary” because of the N2O emissions).

    SciAm had a survey of corn biofuels and put the CO2-e emissions at 85% of those saved. Not great, but also not negative.

    Of course, when you throw in the other factors (e.g. the third-world-starving-to-death factor, denuding the soil, polluting the water courses) it’s hard to see biofuels as a net good.

    I agree 100% with the question “what the fuck has it to do with ignorant politicians anyway?” It’s a technical issue and technical people need to work out what is best, not craven fuckwits trying to demonstrate to short-attention-span voters that Something Is Being Done.

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