Margaret Hodge

The culture minister, Margaret Hodge, will today criticise the Prom concerts as one of many British cultural events that fail to engender new common values

Land of Hope and Glory, otherwise known as Edward Elgar\’s Pomp and Circumstance March No 1, is a regular feature in the traditionally patriotic second half of the Last Night of the Proms. Sir Henry Wood\’s 1905 Fantasia on British Sea Songs is also played. The medley of sailors\’ sea shanties marks the centenary of the Battle of Trafalgar, and culminates with the Proms stalwart Rule Britannia. The penultimate performance in the concert is a rendition of Jerusalem, with William Blake\’s words set to C Hubert H Parry\’s score. The Last Night of the Proms finishes the season with the orchestra and audience combining forces to sing the national anthem. In recent years Proms audiences have made a habit of going off-programme and singing Auld Lang Syne at the end of the concert.

The Proms end with Land of Hope and Glory, Jerusalem (which I agree with Billy Bragg about, should be the English national anthem) and then the UK national anthem. And Margaret bloody Hodge complains that it fails to engender common values?

How did we end up being ruled by fuckwits?

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  1. Blogged on this myself.

    The really stupid thing about her attack is that it’s hard to think of another traditional (i.e. white middle-class dominated) cultural event that has done as much as the Proms over the past few years to reinvent itself for a wider audience: Late night Proms with world music, children’s Proms, Proms in the Park around the country. Okay, the audience isn’t quite the same as Dizzee Rascal’s yet, but she should give some credit.

  2. Don’t blame me – I was among the millions who didn’t vote in the 2005 election, when the turnout was the second lowest since 1918.

    The lowest turnout since 1918 was for the 2001 election.

    Between the 1997 and 2005 elections, Blair lost 4 million votes and half the membership of the Labour Party. This was a historic achievement.

  3. People get the government they vote for…or don’t vote against.

    On the other hand, voting is often a reluctant choice between two evils. That won’t change until the real idiots and gasbags can be weeded out, maybe by making it a prerequisite for going into politics at any level, to have held down a real job for at least 5 years.

  4. ” I would go for I Vow To Thee My Country as national anthem…”

    Without the words, of course.

  5. Hodge: the one in charge of child abuse in one of the London Left Republics? That Hodge? New values indeed.

  6. Try this:

    “Two former officials at the London borough have claimed publicly for the first time that Mrs Hodge failed to back them over allegations that youngsters in care had been subjected to sex abuse. The scandal was first exposed by the London Evening Standard.

    “Mrs Hodge admitted yesterday that she had shown a ‘deep lack of understanding’ of what was happening in children’s homes run by Islington. . . ”

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