Milne Minor

Yet despite the fact that class continues to dominate the country,

It does? Possibly in some Trotskyist wasteland of the mind it does but out here in the real world I can\’t quite see it.

3 thoughts on “Milne Minor”

  1. “Possibly in some Trotskyist wasteland . . ” ?

    Try this:

    “The proportion of people who say they are middle-class has risen by nearly half in 40 years, a report says. Forty-three percent of people surveyed said they were middle-class, compared with 30% of people in 1966.”

    Class traitors, the lot, I says . .

    “According to a survey of social attitudes, 57% of adults in the UK claim to be working class. But what is that in today’s society? . . The one thing people do agree on is that class is still a national obsession – and an increasingly complex one at that.”


  2. Bob B

    Brits identify themselves by this outdated prejudice. It is amazing – stupid backward fuckers all of them.

  3. Peter

    The trouble is that there are real and downbeat consequences from all this silly stuff about class:

    “Government figures show only 15% of white working class boys in England got five good GCSEs including maths and English last year. . . Poorer pupils from Indian and Chinese backgrounds fared much better – with 36% and 52% making that grade respectively.”

    Yup, there really are yobos who think it smart to be dumb.

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