Mind Bogglingly Stupid Answers to Simple Questions

So, erm, books are being pirated on the net. The Society of Authors proposes that:

She suggested four possible sources of income at an industry discussion on copyright law last week: the Government, business, rich patrons and the public. Government funding could take the form of an “academy” of salaried writers.

Seriously? Bureaucrats paid to write books? Jebus wept!

You can tell what would happen, can\’t you? Those with the connections will get the salaries: stand by for yet more novels of occasional adultery in Hampstead.

How about an elegant technological solution? Perhaps some form of Google Adsense that can be incorporated into a .pdf file, the means by which the digital books are distributed?

Hell, why not a PayPal button. "If you enjoyed this book why not send £1 to the author?"

That\’s about what nett royalties are anyway…..


10 thoughts on “Mind Bogglingly Stupid Answers to Simple Questions”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Hey it worked for the Soviet Union and produced such great masterworks as, errr, umm, Quiet Flows the Don.

    Is anyone surprised that Stalinism’s last friends should be in Hampstead?

  2. ‘Bureaucrats paid to write books.’Yes, the idea is yet more statist lunacy, and the results are easy enough to imagine. But we do not in fact have to imagine it, since that is what most University lecturers have become, especially in the humanities; unimaginative, narrow-minded scribblers, who are never held responsible by reality, and who justify their existence by creating a niche within the ideas market of their department and churning out article after article, book after book, full of nonsense that no one will read, and no one will criticize, for various reasons, most of them fairly obvious.

  3. “and no one will criticize”

    Oh yes they will. The rest of the academic scribblers.

    As as been observed before, the reason academics fight so bitterly is that the stakes are so low.

  4. “Although people still buy [books by] Nigella and Jamie Oliver and Delia it is because of their celebrity. Cookbook authors are really struggling. I do it myself – if I want a recipe I go online and get it for free.”

    That’s not about piracy. That’s about the lots of people posting their mother’s version of lemon meringue pie or peach cobbler on their website for free. You either have to write a book for free, or try and provide something that can’t be so easily provided on the net.

  5. ‘“and no one will criticize”

    Oh yes they will. The rest of the academic scribblers.’

    They will criticize ideology, but not the standards of academic rigour. There are many disciplines with no standard of truth against which to judge published ideas. To challenge such ideas intellectually is to invite challenges to your own position, and it takes up time neede to produce yet more nonsense. The length of the bibliography quantity being what matters, such criticism is , I repeat, rarely done.

  6. ‘needed’, of course; and scratch ‘quantity’. My own fault for talking about lack of rigour.

  7. This is something that I have to comment on – it infuriates me that these people come out with such shite!

    I am one of those many people who want to be published – I have written 3 novels and have submitted them to various agents but have, like so many unpublished authors, received the standard rejection letter. I don’t complain about that – this is par for the course. But you do carry on hoping upon hope for that elusive break if it ever should come.

    What pisses me off no end is idiots who say authors should be salaried – they total wankers if they think that!

    You get a person who can’t write a word for themselves getting onto the bookshelves so often it makes me want to puke! What have they ever done? Played a few seasons of football, cooked a few dishes and appeared on Ready, steady, cook! And they get the agents that new writers need because they are an easy sell.

    If my novels are shit, they are shit and won’t sell – it is as simple as that! These tossers want to buy into the Rowling fantasy and make a billion quid.

    Simply put they are greedy fuckers who piss me off to the core.

    Apologies for the expletives but it riles me up so much.

  8. “If my novels are shit, they are shit and won’t sell”

    Never stopped Dan Brown..

    Good stuff might not be picked up, and total shite might. It’s another one of those lotteries, where the pay-off for success is large enough to risk the effort and the long odds. Just like going to Hollywood and trying to become a star.

    You’re going need luck every bit as much as talent. Oh, and yes, publishers do suck.

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