Miss Bimbo

Highly amusing:

The Miss Bimbo game has seen girls aged as young as nine given an online alter ego, which they look after.

They compete against other players in beauty contests to earn money so they can dress their characters in lingerie and take them to nightclubs.

The aim of the game is to become "the coolest, richest and most famous bimbo in the whole world". Players keep the girls at their target weight using diet pills.

They are given missions, including securing plastic surgery to give their "bimbo" bigger breasts and finding a billionaire boyfriend to bankroll her, while keeping a constant check on her hunger, thirst, happiness and other statistics.

Three, Two, One, cue outrage:

But parents\’ groups fear it will fuel teenagers\’ desire for plastic surgery and lead to eating disorders.

OK, so, what to do about it, if anything? Well, you could ban it, but we don\’t do such things in a free society. Parents could block the site on their children\’s computers. And that\’s about it.

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  1. Yeah, lets ban it because it never raises the kudos of whatever is banned and kids always respect bans. And aren’t we lucky that kids never, ever, find ways to indulge themselves when parents ban something.

  2. What do ‘they’ expect kids to do? This is so sick on so many levels.
    1 – kids are too dumb to be able to tell the difference between an online game and reality.
    2 – Sassy, fun and cheeky games are to be discouraged. Kids must have a serious approach to their future.
    3 – Kids grow up into creative fun adults in spite of their upbringing, not because of it – those who get through undamaged of course. Christ am I glad that I am not the child of one of those moaners.
    Parents groups are just nosey bossy busybodies – the only people who take them seriously are shoddy journalists.

  3. Everyone seems to think it’s the site’s fault for teaching “bad” values.

    Now quite apart from the fact that I reckon a lot of kids are smart enough to tell the difference between (tasteless) make believe and reality, what does this say about the way they are being taught any other values? Say, by their parents*.

    If a damned computer game is more powerful than their parents’ efforts, maybe the parents are the ones who need to review their approach to things like bringing up their kids.

    *I know, it’s a radical idea. But hey! I’m paid to dream up “off the wall” ideas.

  4. i have to say, the only reason i even saw the game was because it was all over the news.
    and because of that of course i had to go on it.
    if they really want a way to stop kids going on it, leave it alone, im pretty sure they would have gotten bored of it within a few weeks, but because of all this controversy it just inspires them to go on it more.

  5. “JuliaM // Mar 25, 2008 at 3:00 pm

    What are the quest rewards like..? Any PvP…?

    Now that is funny shit! LOL

    I have a backpack full of Ormuris runes and a Crab shield – no one will by it but when you have the set they are awesome!

    But when the internet gets banned – who am I gunna sell them to is the question! >(

  6. Parents could block the site on their childrens’ computers?

    How, exactly?

    I know I could, but most parents know far far less about computers than their own (even quite small) children, so this really is a silly suggestion.

  7. haha can’t we introduce a ‘progressive leftist’ game?

    1pt for buying the Guardian every day
    2 pts for believing polly toynbee
    3 pts for approving of polly toynbee
    4 pts for having had your carbon footprint calculated
    5 pts for being a subscribing ‘friend’ of ippr
    6 pts for attending an event at the ippr
    7 pts for getting internal UK flights banned in your workplace
    8 pts for buying a freetrade latte
    9 pts for thinking business profits are bad
    10 pts for being an anti globalisation protester (wearing nike, reebok, adidas trainers or hoodies from H&M – all made abroad)
    100 pts for liking Gordon Brown
    200 pts for believing that child poverty can be ended

    The winner gets to work in the Brown cabinet policy/research unit


  8. i really hate this web site because it is encouriging young children want to have facial jobs and have tablets to make them skiny …its just not right.!

  9. leanne…i really hate this web site because it is encouriging young children want to have facial jobs and have tablets to make them skiny …its just not right.!

    and it’s so wrong for the government to promote its legislative agenda this way. I hear that if you want Miss Bimbo to have a second brain cell, you have to practise genetic modification

  10. i think miss bimbo is a great website and i have no objection to my 10 and 11 year old daughters playing it it is a game not real life let the kids have some fun

  11. i think miss bimbo is a great site too,i play it with my daughter and we love it.
    If other parents don`t know how to educate their kids,then just lock up the pc with a password.Let the ppl who know how to have fun to play it. Don`t blame the site couse you don`t have time to spend it with your kid…blame yourself….

  12. I only heard about the site because it was on the news and i know a lot of my friends did to!
    Free publicity or what?!
    If Parent brang up there children to know the difference between a game and real life (like mine did) then there would be no problem!
    If people don’t like the site well don’t go on it and if you don’t want your children to don’t let them, but its only a game!
    I personally think its pethetic that it was on the news .. Im 13 and even i would want to know proper news like of people going missing and things happening around the country not news of stupid parents trying to get a site banned!

  13. “i think miss bimbo is a great site too,i play it with my daughter and we love it.”

    You play it with your kid? there’s a line between fun and incriminating….’barbie.com’ is fun. this site is simply wrong, promoting wasted values that cannot be viewed as correct or enlightening in any context. To those people that say that its up to parents, i agree. But children are heavily exposed to media, which is a powerful tool. Parents can definitely instill good values but the influence of media is often hard to fight against, which is why sites like this should be banned.

  14. this site is the most best sight in the hole world i like to hang out on msn and habbo and different chat rooms but mrs bimbo is one of the best it may have been on the news saying it is unsuterble for us it is a little bit but it is fun and it is showing you how to look after your body and showing you if you want plastic surdgery then that is what happens and if you are thinking what will happen then that will show you love mrs bimbo xxxxxxx

  15. But 127 lbs is the perfect weight…..

    I wish people could just agree to disagree. The site is fucked. It couldn’t be worse then the media though. Maybe just more fun. I mean, thier not promoting drugs, or violence, un-safe sex.

    I think deep down… All it’s teaching girls to do is be independant.

  16. i luv miss bimbo coz it tell gyals wat they should do when they are older

    marry a millionair
    go clubbin
    have a boob job!!!!!!!!

  17. more like dumb or stupid or maby even retared?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    if you like this game you must b mintely retarded or something????????!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I found the site by accident and played. The nexy day I was feeding and educating my B girl and my 8 year old daughter saw me. (oops) She wanted to dress up a “doll”. We go on everynight now, feed her healthy food, go to the “library”, play IQ games, dress her and discuss appropiate dress wear for her age. We talk about money management, her job and completing her goals. Get a grip people…if you cant watch and particpate with your children in this ever changing world dont have them. We don’t go into the age-inappropiate areas and we call it the Miss B game. Parent your children!!!! p.s. don’t judge something you dont even have the eggs to check out.

  19. You may be thinking Miss Bimbo is a site that has been cyberly built to show young girls to teenage girls an “appropriate” way to look, but as a player of Miss Bimbo I believe that although the morals of the game may seem to be in the wrong, the game is mainly there as an avatar girl character. If you think Miss Bimbo is bad just look at magazines that have girls who are under weight. All around us are sterotypical images of how a girl should look. Thin. Curvy. It’s no wonder that this modern society is going crazy. You look one direction and advertising says slim is in and you look the other and curvacious bodies are advertised. If your worried about children and teenagers thinking they should look like this then maybe you should first start looking at the environment that they are surrounded in everyday and have a look at the Miss Bimbo site. If you don’t like it, BLOCK it!!!

  20. i am 13 and a miss bimbo player. i know the diffrence between a game and rality, i know that doing all the things like boob jobs is stupid so i would never do any thing like that in real life. if parents dont trust their children not to do that then they sould talk to their kids. WE NEED PEOPLE TO LISTEN.

  21. Screw You All Man. Your All Banging On ABout How You Know Whats Best Buh, Have You Actually Asked The Kids? I For One Think Its A Great Way To Have Fun, And Yes – Im 14 And Not Stupid Thankyou Very Much. Kids Get No Credit.

  22. I think mrs.bimbo is a neat website beacuz of all the cool stuff to play on it i dont know why other parents disagree on saying mrs bimbo is bad webstite i mean it is just a online girl game there is no harm in playing it and being a helpless kid playing doing no danger to the world or to them- selves i mean look at me i just turned 11 and i think this game is great to play and have fun on it i mean its nothing bad its just shows how realistic that game is foe example they show how big their breasts are mean im going threw puberty and i have cleavege to its something that every little girl will have to threw its a great time beacuz your going threw maturity and learning how to go threw with life its just an inasinte game there is absouluty no harm in playing a regular game that is fun for girls to play xoxoxoxo

  23. Hey, my name is Emily, I’m thirteen, and I play on the Miss Bimbo game because it’s fun. I really think you guys must have such boring lives, if you think you have to scrutinize everything, and wrap children in bubble-wrap. There’s a whole lot worse out there than this game, and anyone who has been brought up well will not be affected by this or things like it that they see, they will understand and have fun, and I resent who ever it was that said children are too dumb to understand the difference between games and reality. You’re doing far more damage to us than Miss Bimbo!!

  24. By the way, no offence to you girls, but i don’t think that you have really helped yourselves by posting on here.

    to – going TO something

    too – aswell

    Don’t even get me started on your spelling…

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