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The British political party which takes Peak Oil most seriously seems to be the BNP.

No, no, I know, just because fascists take it seriously doesn\’t mean that all who take it seriously are fascists, but still, nice bedfellows, eh?

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I suppose the real question is whether they think it is a bad thing or a good reason to go and teach some Foreign types a lesson or two and take all their oil.

  2. Or is it because the minstream political parties in the UK is more concerned with clamping down on our liberties and recording us all. Peak oil is item 10,001.

    The remainder are concerned about getting us out of the EU, peak oil is 5,021, and thus this leaves the BNP with a high score in peak oil while in reality it’s only because the BNP has very few real policies.

    I think I’ll blog on this.

    Although, to be honest, I never actually knew the BNP had policies. Just goes to show even in politics you can be surprised.

  3. But Tim, some policical parties seem to view any oil as bad, let alone peak oil.

    I have a simpler view, concerning most of the current views of most of the political parties. There are no prizes for guessing correctly.

    Best regards

  4. There was an article in the Observer last year which claimed that the BNP leadership were looking to build a secret retreat in Croatia, in anticipation of global anarchy triggered by the exhaustion of the world’s oil reserves.

  5. By their freinds shall ye know them

    Actually I seems to remember that a certain, much reviled, leader of Germany was a bit of a greenie, very much in favour of trees and stuff and very anti fox hunting.

  6. While we’re making the oh so hilarious juxtapositions, let’s talk privatisation and Pinochet, shall we?

    Tim adds: Why not? Then we could move on to Castro and liberty perhaps.

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