MPs\’ Expenses

A quick shufti at what MPs can claim as expenses on second (or constituency) homes from this list.


Nothing there looks entirely outrageous in price…except, except, the very first item. Who on earth buys air conditioning in the UK climate?

It\’s hardly either a necessary or common expenditure now, is it? It\’s actually an unusual one down here in the Algarve, let alone the UK.

7 thoughts on “MPs\’ Expenses”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Do the rules say the house has to be in the UK?

    Maybe it is not that uncommon in the Bahamas or Belize.

  2. “Nothing there looks entirely outrageous in price…except, except, the very first item.”

    Perhaps the item is really a bloody gold plated electric fan!

    If this list doesn’t generate even the apathetic non-voters into apoplexy, I can’t see what will. I can’t get into the ‘comment’ section of the ‘Guardian’ yet, but I look forward to waving this in Polly Toynbee’s stupid ‘pay more tax for child poverty’ post at the first opportunity..

  3. Air-Conditioning – essential to remove the stench of (alleged) corruption.
    I had to laugh at the shredder. Surely MPs would be keeping every invoice they could find.
    Wouldn’t a bulk booking for country MPs at the nearest Travelodge be more fit for purpose?

  4. Am I correct in thinking that MPs who claim for a second home are allowed to keep it once they cease to serve? Why are they not given a rent allowance which would terminate on losing the job? At the very least why does the taxpayer not recoup any profit they make on selling the house later?

  5. Actually, almost every item on the list appears to be about 20-25% over priced. What kind of coffee-maker is that, anyway? Also, the kitchen evidently required an extention of the structure for that kind of money. Do they get to keep the furnishings?

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