So, umm, this is where Chris is moving to then?

7 thoughts on “Oakham”

  1. Yes, one of the high priests (in blog terms) of unfettered immigration is moving from the multicultural heaven of London to hellish rural Oakham!

  2. Oh I dare say that Oakham has Poles and gypsies . But “gypsies” might not be the favoured local term for them.

  3. Yup – and what’s wrong with it? There are, in fact, tons of quite expensive boutique shops selling girly stuff, had DG wanted to impress a laydee.

  4. The big talking point on the Rutland Times letters page is the imposition of a new three bin recycling scheme. That, and yobs hurling missiles off the South Street railway bridge. Even heaven has its imperfections.

  5. According to this, there are rather more imperfections in paradise than might be anticipated:

    “And if you are under 60 and thinking of either visiting or moving to Oakham then my advice would be don’t.”

    The consolation is that the magnificent Belvoir Castle, home to the Duke of Rutland, is only a short trip away:

    What would get to me is that the population of Oakham is only 10,000, as compared with a typical London borough which has c. 250,000 residents. I suspect the tons of expensive boutique shops selling girly stuff in Oakham are really tourist bait.

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