Oh Dear Lord

From Guido, via email.


Yes, they\’re reviving the Abolition of Parliament Bill (aka the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill) through the Constitutional Reform Bill.

Any Minister may reform any Act through the use of a Statutory Instrument.

Bye bye Parliamentary democracy, and a big Hellooo! to Henry VIII th powers.

Yes, this is a big issue, yes, it does go to the very heart of governance and no, we shouldn\’t let the bastards get away with it.

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4 thoughts on “Oh Dear Lord”

  1. Acts have been amended through Statutory Instruments for many a long year now. Wake up, people. We have had Henry VIII enabling legislation for as many years. What does it take for people to recognize what has beeen going for a very long time – since before Guido started blogging? I know that sounds like ancient history but it is not.

  2. It’s only actually the provisions of that specific act that can be amended. Which, given that it includes a lot of repeals and updates to how we’re governed, doesn’t make it agood thing, but it’s not as bad as Leg/Reg was. It’s just awful, rather than democracy destroyingly stupid awful.

    It’ll never get through the Lords, but we ought to watch it to make sure it doesn’t get through the Commons either.

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