Our Glorious European Union

Simple, moronic, idiocy.

An award-winning English fruit wine maker whose customers include royal palaces and the National Trust has been landed with a bill for £30,000 after the European Union ruled that he was using the wrong sized bottles.

Jerry Schooler, 74, who has been making silver birch wine, bramble liqueur and mead for 24 years and produces 400,000 bottles a year, faces prosecution if he does not comply with a new directive.

The EU says it is illegal to sell his nine liqueurs – including bramble, walnut, ginger, sloe and strawberry – in his traditional 37.5cl bottles. They must measure 35cl instead.

What is the point of such a law? It\’s a sealed container with a clearly marked amount of contents. What greater value is achieved by insisting that the bottles should be one size or another?

Doubts have also been raised about his mead – he makes seven types at the Lurgashall Winery near Petworth, West Sussex – because officials are not sure whether to classify it as wine or spirit.

Does it actually matter whether mead is a wine or a spirit? Further, this decision will already have been taken when it was classified for alcohol duties.

For all those federasts out there, those bleating about how the EU has brought peace (and please, let us remind ourselves that NATO had rather more to do with that than an organisation that only came into being in 1992) to the continent and we\’re all now a bunch of smiling happy bunnies, this is actually what the European Union does. It\’s a monstrous bureaucratic nightmare operating upon the Roman Law system. Everything must be as the bureaucrats design it to be, nothing can be allowed to happen without their permission.

Can we leave yet?


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  1. Ignore the rules.

    The below is, admittedly, way out of date but shouldn’t think anything much has changed.

    From the European Foundation Intelligence Digest no 85 17th Dec 1999 – 13th Jan 2000

    France tops disobedience list.

    France’s decision to ignore the European Commission’s instructions on importing British beef confirms France’s recent tendency to ignore European laws altogether. France is now top of the list of disobedient countries, with 419 directives not applied. The second worse countries are Italy (329) and Germany (293). France is also the country which is brought before the European Court of Justice more than any other country. It currently has 42 cases outstanding before the ECJ; Belgium is in second place with 34 outstanding cases. Further analysis shows that France changes her ways only when forced to do so by extra-legal actions. For instance, when France refused to comply with a European directive which would have allowed other countries to export electricity to France, she initially barred imports to protect EDF. It was only when other countries threatened to take retaliatory measures of their own that she backed down. France also continues to refuse to allow the implementation of a directive on sexual equality: it is currently illegal for women to work at night. The cause of this intransigence? Not, to be sure, a chivalrous concern for the health and safety of the fairer sex but instead sheer cowardice in the face of the male-dominated unions who want to keep lucrative night work for themselves. [Courrier international, 16th – 22nd December 1999]

  2. Hmmm

    Standard wine bottle is 0.75L. Half a bottle is therefore 37.5cL.

    It seems to me that the “illegal” size makes more sense than the permissible 35cL.

  3. Weights and Measures is an old chestnut. The laws are to stop cheating. We in the UK used to pull all kinds of crap in the ’60s with false-bottomed cereal packets etc. People have an expectation of standard measures and to play around with that is tantamount to fraud.

    Having said that, I don’t understand why the particular sizes in this case are being monkeyed with. Why have they changed? It undermines the entire rationale for the system in the first place.

  4. “The Roman Law system is probably the only merit of the EU.”

    I just can’t see the advantages of a legal system that allows an person it knows to be innocent to be nailed to a cross.

  5. “I just can’t see the advantages of a legal system that allows an person it knows to be innocent to be nailed to a cross.”

    Yeah, but they knew an ‘appeal’ would be granted after three days…

  6. It’s hardly a new law – I’m sure it dates back to at least the 1970’s.

    Note that the EU proposed to remove the standard bottle sizes a couple of years ago, along with most other specified measures for other goods. It happened for virtually everything except alcohol, following a campaign by the mainly UK based industry – see http://www.scotch-whisky.org.uk/swa/files/BottleSizes07.pdf

  7. TDK:


    Standard wine bottle is 0.75L. Half a bottle is therefore 37.5cL.”

    Yes, but there’s the rub. Standard bottle for spirits is 70cl, so if this is a spirit, a half bottle is 35cl.

    But it’s still utter tosh.

  8. Regardless of whether it is a new law, and regardless of who lobbied for it, the problem is that decisions are taken by people who can’t be fired, or reined in, by the public. If you set out to design a political system in which all appointees get to shirk responsibility and pass the buck, this would be it. The EU is a fraud, perpetrated against the public of Europe, by the bureaucratic caste.

  9. It says it all when the only person who knows all the ‘Directives’ off by heart is Arnold J Rimmer

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