Outrageous Ego Puffery of the Day

There\’s simply so much wrong wih this statement:

Wherever there are scarcity and free choices, market reality automatically follows. I finished reading "Discover Your Inner Economist" by the Marginal Revolution blogger Tyler Cowen. The book was bit of a disappointment in that even though MR is the top-notch economics blog, in the long form Cowen just isn\’t as good a writer as, say, Tim Worstall or Steven Landsburg.

I\’ve, amongst other things, never written in the long form.

But should I persevere with that manuscript? Looks like I might get one sale at least.

Aha! We have an answer to this. He meant Tim Harford, not Tim Worstall.

3 thoughts on “Outrageous Ego Puffery of the Day”

  1. I think you are being a tad harsh – this statement could simply be an elision of ‘Tyler Cowen, in the long form of a book, is not as good a writer as (eg) Timmy-boy Worstall in the short form (of a blog posting).

    Without wishing to arbitrate between two of my favorite bloggers, I would agree with the implied point that Tyler is (for me) a better writer as a blogger than as a book-length writer. He is very good as a book writer – but he is a _great_ blogger.

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