Patrick Swayze and Smoking


Actor Patrick Swayze\’s doctors have ordered him to quit smoking as he battles pancreatic cancer. The \’Dirty Dancing\’ star is known for smoking more than three packs of cigarettes a day, and had till now refused to kick the butt. However, his doctors have cautioned him that if he wants to increase his chances of beating his cancer, he needs to stop lighting up, reports The Sun.

Supposedly he\’s got 5 weeks to live. And the 5 year survival rate for pancreatic cancer is something like 3% or similarly miniscule.

This ain\’t a time to stop smoking, it\’s the time to sit back and enjoy whatever it is that you do, eating steaks, smoking tabs or guzzling the finest champagne.

5 thoughts on “Patrick Swayze and Smoking”

  1. Just goes to show that they think there is a chance to save him. The 5 weeks thing sounds like its hyperbole. More likely, they caught it early, so they think his chances are good.

    It was like that with my dad. His was caught early because it was in an unusual place for Pancreatic Cancer, causing early pain. He was treated and actually went into remission before it came back and killed him, but he lived for 2 years, part of it cancer free.

  2. It doesn’t seem to be on their website yet, but today’s Telegraph has an interesting article by ‘Trust Me, I’m a Junior Doctor’ about the folly and cruelty of banning smoking in mental Hospitals.

  3. There are also two types of pancreatic cancer, the nasty one and a much less nasty one. Steve Jobs suffered from the latter.

  4. When my father was suspected of having lung cancer the doctor said he might as well continue smoking. The reasoning was that the stress of giving up after 40 years of smoking was likely to do him more harm than the extra cigarettes.

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