Parents who want their children to eat healthily should focus more on serving them extra fruit and vegetables and less on giving them expensive organic produce, according to one of the country\’s leading nutrition experts.

Organic food for reasons of taste, for moral reasons perhaps, but not because it\’s doing you good. For the extra expense means eating less of thoise fruits and veggies…

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  1. Why is morality an issue with organic food?

    I think it’s because the intelligent classes so frequently reduce matters of daily living to moral issues. That way, they can claim not only to be right, but to be . . . moral.

    And therefore not only smarter, but better than . . . us.

    It’s not just about food.

  2. We are wondering whether to repeat our summer of eating snails from our own garden. They taste just like French snails i.e. of butter, garlic, parsley and rubber.

  3. Well I have grown organic veg in my own garden for years. It is the freshness, not the organic provenance, which matters. I only prefer organic methods so I never have to worry about lingering residues, spraying times, all that stuff. All I need is seeds, muck, and a watering can.

    Parents would be better off getting advice on how to make veg appealing to kids. You can roast spuds, carrots, and parsnips, and they go nice and crispy. Garden peas are nicest raw, straight out of the pods. A generous dollop of mint sauce takes the bitter edge off sprouts. And veg can be hidden quite well in a curry. Celery, with a savoury dip or cream cheese makes a nice snack. Turnips taste nicer (sweeter) raw than cooked. You can make trifle, or fruit salad, with loads of fresh fruit in it.
    If none of that works, buy a smoothie maker. It’s amazingly easy to hide a few veg among the fruits in a smoothie.

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