Republican Smears

Oooh, name calling and all:

Republicans have begun to emphasise Barack Obama\’s middle name Hussein in an attempt to spread doubts about his patriotism and raise fears among voters that he is a closet Muslim.

Yup, no doubt there are Republicans doing that. However, the people to really look out for at this stage are the Clintons.

The release was illustrated by a picture that began circulating on the internet a few days ago of Mr Obama dressed in ethnic Somali garb, which he wore on an official visit to Kenya.

That picture released to Drudge by the Clinton campaign.

Mr Rove also mentioned the senator\’s connections with Weather Underground, the 1960s domestic terror group that planted bombs in government buildings.

The Clinton campaign first pointed out that the candidate met two members of the group at a Chicago social event 12 years ago, one of whom donated $200 to his Illinois senate campaign.


The people running shit scared at the moment are the Clinton campaign, so they\’re the peple fighting dirtiest. At least so far. No doubt the Republicans will catch up though.


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  1. I doubt if even the Republicans can catch up with the profoundly corrupt, shit-dripping vileness that is Clintonbiz. Good luck to O, says I.

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