Richie, Richie….

Or should it be Dick Murphy?

Unlike the TPA, the TJN works in the real world. We talk to real politicians, from the Conservatives, Lib Dems and across the Labour perspective. We do not deal outside the limits of credibility. But facing real issues makes it so much harder to get coverage.

But I’ll trade fewer press reports for credibility any day, and there is no one of any credibility in government or opposition in our parliament who takes the TPA seriously. Thankfully.

So the Tax Justice Network is a very serious and sober organisation with great credibility while the Taxpayers\’ Alliance are shills, working outside the limits of credibility.

This is the sober judgement of a man who makes the following statement, in the same piece:

Put it another way: he moved further Right than the right wing of the Tories. He moved out of the political mainstream and into the Neo-Con, libertarian hinterlands.

Er,. Neo-Cons and Libertarians the same thing, the same people? Really?

Rather missing the bitterest division on the right aren\’t we?


13 thoughts on “Richie, Richie….”

  1. “Neo-Cons and Libertarians the same thing, the same people? Really?”

    And libertarians are Right wing? And deserve a capital ‘L’? Really?

    The life of a libertarian is mixed. One can have common ground with anyone on the political spectrum but one is destined also to disagree with everyone. A glass half full, or half empty?

  2. I just take it as further evidence that all the new ideas are on the right these days. All the left has left is denial and epithets, as perfectly exemplified by their decision to oppose the TPA by setting up another TLA named group to call them Nazi Libertarian Theocrat Eltiists.

  3. For some reason, “Dick” won’t publish my comment (nor will he correct the typos I pointed out.) I guess I must have offended his sensitive soul.

    After reading more of his illogical twaddle, I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s a bit of a prig and a weapons-grade bell end.

  4. His dismissal of DK with a “don’t bother to reply” underlines his utter arrogance. What a self-righteous, egotistical little arse this man is. Not to mention politically lazy and ignorant.

  5. That photo of Dickie boy on his blog irks me no end. Doesn’t he have the smuggest, most punchable face you’ve ever seen?

    He fully buys into the most heinous idea there is, which is that government is not only necessary but good, and that its goodness is enhanced by Richard Murphy and his ilk coercing the rest of us (for our own sakes, of course). Miserable little shit.

  6. Yep, he has a face you want to punch. And he didn’t allow my comment up: you were very lucky DK to be allowed to speak in the Great Man’s presence.

  7. “That photo of Dickie boy on his blog irks me no end. Doesn’t he have the smuggest, most punchable face you’ve ever seen?”

    No, that honour goes, without a doubt, to Sunny Hundal…

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  9. I love the answer to DK:

    The far right are the far right ….. when talking about libertarians.

    I can just imagine it, Black Shirts and Jackboots for those that choose them, and night time orgies of breaking windows, followed by paying for the damage.

    His definition of far right is anyone to the right of Ken Livingstone.

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