Most Wonderful.

Entirely missing from their perspective is the social context and significance of the religious resurgence they are so anxious to beat back. Panicked by the rise of radical Islamism and the newly assertive religious identity of migrant communities in a secular Europe, the anti-religious evangelists are increasingly using atheism as a banner for the defence of the global liberal capitalist order and the wars fought since 2001 to assert its dominance. At the same time, they are unable to recognise the ethnic dimension of their Islamophobia, let alone the deeper reasons why people continue to search for spiritual meaning in a grossly destructive economic environment where social alternatives have been pronounced dead and narcissistic consumption is king.

How goes the revolution Comrade?

All really rather Arabic, isn\’t it? Somehow he\’s got to arrive at a position whereby some religions are good, others bad, the defining line being whether they support or oppose liberal capitalism. For of course, opposing liberal capitalism is far the most important thing.

So he arrives at the my enemy\’s enemy is my friend position.

Thus he can end up supporting the clit cutting homo stoning fanatics because, after all, they oppose liberal capitalism and that\’s the important thing, isn\’t it?

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