Recess Monkey says that Prince Harry would like to be treated just like everyone else except for:

…primogeniture, corporation tax, inheritance tax, capital gains tax and wildlife protection laws.

Primogeniture means that it\’s his older brother who will inherit. So, fair enough, he might be against it. The corporation, inheritance and CGT issues: well, they\’re all to do with the Duchy of Cornwall. Which, as a result of the primogeniture issue won\’t go to Harry, but to, umm, his older brother.

As for assassinating wildlife, that\’s what the aristocracy is for, isn\’t it?

6 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. “As for assassinating wildlife, that’s what the aristocracy is for, isn’t it?”

    And also for protecting it. You know, New Forest, death penalty for Robin Hood eating the King’s deer.

  2. Great blog name, that–Recess Monkey. If It’d been me, what with my pun penchant, I’da called it “Recess Monkey, My Cock!”

  3. The wildlife remark is presumably an allusion to the allegation that he’d shot a raptor in Norfolk, for which no evidence seemed to be forthcoming. I’ve heard that the young man is an disagreeable prick, but I still take a dim view of bogus allegations against him.

  4. dearieme,

    “I’ve heard that the young man is an disagreeable prick, but …”

    Well, he appears to *have been* – note past tense – little or no more disagreeable than any other 20 year old, whether trustarian or not.

    But he is clearly *now* by all accounts a decent, responsible young officer, with a strong concern for the men under his command and the object of their respect – unlike a good number of other 23 year olds in this country.

    I particularly note that his troop were dismayed when the MoD stopped him from going to Iraq. Apparently they all sported t-shirts with a “crosshair” on the front and the words “I’m Harry”.

    Bullet magnet he may be, but you have be something quite special for others to be ready to take a bullet for you.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    I don’t see what the problem with him being a bullet magnet is. After all the problem is usually getting the damn guerillas to come out and fight.

    He wanted to stay. I don’t care if he gets blown up. I really don’t see the problem.

    That said, I think he needs to suck it up. We fund a lavish lifestyle in return for a hellish few minutes every day. Seems reasonable to me.

    The Duchy of Cornwall thing is outrageous though.

    That said, he seems to be finally doing something worthwhile with his life. Good for him.

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