Swedish Gender Pay Gap

Sweden Stable, with small increase from 84% (1995) to 82% (2000) (figures refer to monthly pay). Increasing.
UK Gradually narrowing, from 76.6% (1990) to 80.6% (2000) (UK0104126F) (figures refer to hourly pay). Narrowing.

Umm, if even Sweden can\’t eradicate it, why the angst here?

4 thoughts on “Swedish Gender Pay Gap”

  1. Nice table!

    How do you mean ‘angst’, what ‘angst’? I’ve never know anybody complain about it in real life.

    I suppose because mainly I know people who are married, so the wife’s loss is the husband’s gain so it all evens out and quite simply does not matter, as long as they share income and expenses, which most couples do to a greater or lesser degree.

    Tim adds: Well, read the G to see the angst.

  2. Letters From A Tory

    Unless you break UK figures down by length of time in a job, maternity leave taken, previous qualifications, experience, achievements etc then these figures are meaningless. Saying that men get paid more is the most pathetic attempt to shame us into action.


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