That Pesky Gender Pay Gap

The G:

But this week, TUC research found the difference between men and women\’s pay still more than trebles once women reach their 30s, prompting the accusation that bosses enforce a "motherhood penalty".

Eh, it\’s the evil capitalist bastards enforcing a penalty?

How about it\’s people taking time out of the labour force, reducing their human capital, increasing the cost of employing them by demanding flexible working, part time working and career breaks, that causes the drop in pay?

1 thought on “That Pesky Gender Pay Gap”

  1. You maleist advocator you.

    Women who work at home bringing up baby should be paid 30k a year, that will close the gender pay gap.

    Just make sure that men don’t get paid for time off while a newcomer to the family is birthed. We couldn’t have a society that made fathers look good – and men, God forbid that they work to keep the family in nappies.

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