The Government Inspector


Under the plans, inspectors from the EHRC would be empowered to carry out spot checks at any workplace – those where there was cause for concern or firms which had done nothing wrong.

So, a group of bureaucrats, eager to prove that they are indeed needed, that they are uncovering great scandals, can walk into any workplace in hte country and demand to see all the records? Demand to study the entire operating methods of the company? On the basis of no evidence whatsoever?

I have no doubt the burden of proof will be upon the employer as well. That they must prove that they do not discriminate, not that the inspectors must prove they are.

Does anybody understand how expensive such inspections will be? An expense that will have to be, naturally, covered by the businesses themselves?

Douglas Murray, the director of the Centre for Social Cohesion, called the idea "fantastically bureaucratic and expensive".


2 thoughts on “The Government Inspector”

  1. “Does anybody understand how expensive such inspections will be?”

    People in the real world do. The penpushers and single-issue groups in the EU don’t, and wouldn’t care if they did…

  2. There’s a very good job that the law in this country used to be “Innocent until proven guilty” – well two actually. One is just IT’S FUCKING COMMON SENSE. Two is that it can be pretty much impossible to prove a negative I DIDN’T DO IT, hence the requirement for the prosecution to prove the positive HE DID IT.

    Think about that for a bit.

    This fucking government is too much. I can’t wait until next year or the year after to get rid of them. Can we please have a revolution now? I’ll happily chip in for some rope…

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