The Great Divide

Between those newspaper subs who know their grammar and those who don\’t.

We have damaged ourselves — and it was avoidable

The Great Divide: Times writers present the arguments over the conflict that are still splitting the country

3 thoughts on “The Great Divide”

  1. not so fast – the writer here is saying that the arguments are splitting the country. You might disagree with that statement, but it’s not the solecism you make out.

    (I know, I know – we might think the conflict is more country-splitting than the arguments about it; and decry the grammar on that point. But as it stands it ain’t ungrammatical)

    Tim adds: Hmm, maybe. I read “are” as referring to “conflict” not “arguments”. Singluar and plural.

  2. Sorry, Tim, it’s definitely the ‘arguments that ‘are’ splitting the country.

    Couldn’t be clearer and normally you play a blinder on these things.

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