The National Trust

Well, yes:

The report says land and its natural resources were undervalued, underfunded and needed better care……The trust, which manages 250,000 hectares of open countryside and 700 miles of coastline, says it had drawn on its experience as Britain\’s biggest landowner after the Government in writing its Nature\’s Capital report.

When the largest landowner in hte country is a charitable trust, one which does not manage land for its economic value, then, yes, it\’s pretty clear that here will be a misvaluation of land by the market.

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  1. The TWO largest landowners don’t manage land for its economic value.
    It seems to me that the National Trust has reached the position of being able to run a large landholding as a series of parks because land without planning permission is of little economic worth at present. Of course this could change- say if planning rules were relaxed, or food prices keep rising.

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