The Prodnoses Again

We\’re going to end up like the Americans on this alcohol subject, you know? And that sort of hysteria isn\’t a good thing.

Pregnant women are warned they should drink no alcohol at all despite no evidence the occasional glass is harmful.

And despite the odd glass being relaxing, something beneficial.

The hysteria in the US can reach the stage that women can panic after eating a salad where wine was used in the preparation of the dressing. We simply don\’t need to go down that road.

The reason why it has been announced?

Dr Gillian Leng, of Nice, said the advice was tightened partly because of the recognition of the harm excessive drinking was doing in society generally.

So because some drink excessively and damage themselves, those who are actually benefitting themselves by drinking moderately should stop?


6 thoughts on “The Prodnoses Again”

  1. I have an older sister who is a nurse in neonatal intensive care. When she was pregnant with her youngest, (in the last trimester) she drank the occasional beer to help her relax.

    Her son is a bright healthy young thing.

    If someone with her level of knowledge can choose to drink a small amount, after consulting her doctor, then I think we can dismiss the hysteria over this issue.

    (I am not recommending binge drinking for pregnant women in case anyone gets the wrong end of the stick).

  2. NICE? Haven’t they got enough to do stopping the prescribing of drugs that might be helpful to those who need them?

    Aricept anyone?

  3. Maybe this is a question of people not really thinking about what they’re doing, in which case prodnoses might – for once – have a point.

    I’m no shirker when it comes to enjoying rather more than the politically approved number of units a week, but don’t understand why any woman would *want* to drink when she’s pregnant, since it’s been known for decades that alcohol is a teratogen and a fetal neurotoxin, and since there are plenty of other ways to relax.

    After all, few mothers would force ‘just a small drink’ down a two year old’s throat – and if one did, the child would have something to say about it, for sure!

    Tim adds: Eh? “few mothers would force ‘just a small drink’ down a two year old’s throat”. What do you think gripe water is made of? It’s alcohol and sugar!

  4. Dr Gillian Leng, of Nice, said the advice was tightened partly because we’re a bunch of lying cunts – if I may paraphrase.

  5. Tim – re gripe water

    I had to look it up in Wikipedia as it’s an English thing. Alcohol as an ingredient seems optional. But my point was, a normal mother wouldn’t feed kids booze 3 -4 times a week, knowing it might harm them, because *she* wanted to relax. Or maybe she might, depending on her degree of desperation?!

  6. But the state always ends up doing this.

    They have a problem with speeding motorists. And they can’t tackle the maniacs who do 60mph through the schoolyard in a stolen car. So they persecute the bloke doing 30.5mph on the bypass.

    They can’t stop the crooks using guns in armed robberies, so they persecute the sport-shooters.

    They can’t stop the kids who get every meal at the local chippy, so they ban soft drinks for the kids with the wholemeal sandwiches.

    And they can’t stop the parents who beat their children senseless, so they ban smacking.

    Just like we have all been medicated, against our will, with fluoride for 30 years because they couldn’t persuade a minority of parents to stop stuffing their kids with sweets.

    All of this is about as effective as kicking the cat after the dog bites you. And it all happens for much the same reason.

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